DANA & BORA, 2022


'Dana' and 'Bora' are two variants of a wooden table for dining, meeting or working. The idea was to createa simple and commercial wooden table which works well with most interiors.

The design came from my love for soft shapes made in massive wood.

I wanted the base to be voluminous, to have softness and curves.

I decided to make two variants of the table - 'Dana' - with a soft top that feels more feminine, and 'Bora'

- with a rectangular top that feels more masculine.

'Dana' table comes in two colors - natural ash and stone grey, and in two lengths - 160cm and 200cm.

'Bora' comes in two colors - natural ash and poison green, and, as well, in two lengths - 180cm and 220cm.


The tables are available via GIR



Photographs © Ana Kraš & Gir